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MesoCoat mentioned in 2012 R&D 100 Winner Listings
08/23/12 04:37 PM EST
MesoCoat was selected to present at the 2012 TechConnect Venture Forum-Silicon Valley, CA, US

Department of Defense (DOD)
08/21/12 01:00 PM EST
Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3)

Unraveling Intricate Interactions, One Molecule at a Time
08/20/12 04:18 PM EST
In key step towards design of better organic electronic devices, Columbia Engineering team makes first single-molecule measurement of van der Waals interactions at a metal-organic interface

UH Researcher Develops Solar Panel Coating to Increase Efficiency
08/20/12 04:15 PM EST
New Technology Successfully Undergoes Independent Testing

Department of Defense (DOD)
08/13/12 01:00 PM EST
Advanced Drop-In Bio Fuels Production Project

NthDegree Technologies Enters Into Agreement with NASA
08/09/12 02:00 PM EST
NthDegree Technologies was selected to present at the 2011 TechConnect Venture Forum, Boston, MA, US

U Penn Scientists Develop Novel Composite Nanofibers for Orthopaedic Use
08/08/12 12:45 PM EST
These biomaterials created by the researchers could lead to the creation of actual three-dimensional tissue.

Fujitsu Expands Lineup of Contactless Palm Vein Authentication Devices
08/08/12 11:49 AM EST
Achieves world's smallest and slimmest palm vein authentication sensor design