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Atomic-Scale Investigations Solve Key Puzzle of LED Efficiency
05/23/13 01:02 PM EST
MIT and Brookhaven Lab scientists use electron microscopy imaging techniques to settle a solid-state controversy and raise new experimental possibilities.

Nanotechnology advance offers promising new approach to treatment of lung cancer
05/23/13 12:59 PM EST
Researchers at Oregon State University have developed a new drug delivery system that allows inhalation of chemotherapeutic drugs to help treat lung cancer.

Envision Solar Completes Solar TreeĀ® Array Installation for NREL
04/21/13 06:16 PM EST
With help from Ideal Power Converters' technology, a TechConnect Accelerator Participant next month at the TechConnect-National Innovation Summit, Washington, D.C.

DuPont Unveils 11th Innovation Center in Turkey
04/21/13 06:05 PM EST
DuPont Innovation Center in Turkey will focus on innovations related to food, construction, energy, and automotive industries.

"Nanosponges" Able to Absorb and Remove Dangerous Toxins from the Body
04/21/13 05:59 PM EST
"Nanosponge" able to neutralize toxins by destroying the cells through puncturing the cell membranes.

Chloroform cleanup: Just the beginning for palladium-gold catalysts
04/21/13 05:52 PM EST
Federally funded research pays off with new process for environmental remediation

Royal DSM and Russian's Rostec Sign MOU for the Areas of Biotech and Materials
04/21/13 05:49 PM EST
Memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed in Amsterdam this month in front of President Putin and Prime Minister Rutte.

University of Buffalo helps to launch two Zimbabwe national programs in nanotechnology and HIV/AIDS eradication
04/21/13 02:57 PM EST
UB has built a partnership with Zimbabwe over seven years through an NIH Fogarty International Center program.