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Corporate Spotlight Interview: Henkel Adhesive Technologies
03/28/18 03:45 PM EST
TechConnect speaks with Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing for Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

Innovation Spotlight: SmartTrap
02/21/18 09:28 PM EST
The Smart Trap is a simple yet rugged battery-operated device that autonomously detects and reports diseases carried by mosquitoes. When a specimen feeds on the Smart Trap’s sugar bait component, it leaves behind traces of saliva, which are then assayed for transmissible amounts of pathogen.

Innovation Spotlight: Electric Current and Magnetic Field Imaging System
02/21/18 09:21 PM EST
This technology is a non-contact device that can image electric current and three dimensional magnetic field in real time.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Sherwin-Williams
02/21/18 08:56 PM EST
Dr. Alex Fensore Associate Director of Innovation, Sherwin Williams speaks with TechConnect News.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Eastman Chemical Company
02/21/18 08:35 PM EST
TechConnect News speaks with Brendan Boyd, Director of Fibers Technology & External Innovation at Eastman Chemical Company

Safer Energetic Materials
01/17/18 02:38 PM EST
Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory have developed energetic materials that are capable of delivering powerful explosive energy, yet demonstrate unprecedented improvements for safer storage, handling, transportation and operation. INL investigators are also working to increase the safety of ignition devices to ensure energetics detonate only when required.

Ghost Train Generator
01/17/18 02:33 PM EST
Fermilab has developed a simple, inexpensive, effective device to reduce collision incidents related to vehicles stuck on railroad grade crossings. The device simulates continuity of locomotives or other rolling stock from rail to rail, closing the existing DC track circuit and mimicking the presence of a train.

Boron Based Special Materials
01/17/18 02:28 PM EST
Boron is the basis of two patented technologies developed by Jefferson Lab. One is a boron based nanotube material capable of maintaining its unique properties in extreme environments and another is a construction material that uses the neutron shielding capability of boron for applications in nuclear power and radiation therapy.