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PEM Fuel Cell Bundle (multi-lab IP bundle - LabBridge IP Bundling Program)
12/05/17 03:22 PM EST
29 nine proton exchange membrane fuel cells technologies from five different National Labs are available to form bundles to collectively increase their value proposition for the potential licensees or collaborators. Technologies fall into 4 categories, (i) fuel cell electrocatalysts, (ii) membrane electrode assembly, (iii) fuel processor, and (iv) bipolar plates.

Negative Photochromic Material with Tunable Properties
12/05/17 03:20 PM EST
A simple way to create material chemistry that can switch from colored to colorless under defined illumination and can be returned to a colored state using a heat. The material chemistry can be adjusted to control its behavior in response to light or heat resulting in a highly customizable material.

Integrated Photonic Devices for ultrahigh-speed, space-division multiplexing optical coherence tomography
12/05/17 03:18 PM EST
Label-free and non-destructive imaging technologies with micron-scale resolutions and hundreds of frames per second imaging speed are greatly desirable for biomedical applications.

Solid-State Ultracapacitor for Improved Energy Storage
12/05/17 03:16 PM EST
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center has developed a solid-state ultracapacitor using a novel nanocomposite, dielectric material. The materials design is based on the internal barrier layer capacitance (IBLC) concept, and it uses novel dielectric and metallic conductive ink formulations.

W81XWH-17-PHTBIRP-TRA DoD Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Peer Support Program Translational Research Award
12/05/17 03:12 PM EST
Deadline: Jan 19, 2018

Polymers for the capture of volatile anaesthetics
10/31/17 04:10 PM EST
Synthetic polymers capable of capture, storage and release of volatile anaesthetics such as desfluorane and sevofluorane.

Continuous Polymer Coating of Drug Crystals, Particles and Nanoparticles
10/31/17 04:08 PM EST
A thin polymer coating protects individual drug crystals from adverse environments and allows for controlled drug release. Current methods of producing such coatings are very demanding batch processes. Employing hollow-fiber membranes NJIT developed two easily-scalable techniques for continuous polymer coating of drug crystals/nanoparticles using cooling crystallization or anti-solvent crystallization.

Energetic Materials for Sensitive Data Security
10/31/17 04:07 PM EST
Tools to conclusively destroy data/circuitry when an electronic device is lost, stolen or becomes obsolete, to protect sensitive data and proprietary technology from unauthorized access. Use of energetic technologies would greatly enhance security of data/proprietary technology because an energetic reaction can be initiated by trigger or remote detonation.