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Innovation Spotlight: Light to Liquid - Comprehensive engineering for fuel from plants
01/05/13 12:05 AM EST
TechConnect Innovation Tracking: Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology, a TechConnect Accelerator participant, ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, 2012

Innovation Spotlight: Building Integrated Heat and Moisture Exchange (BIHME) Pilot Demonstration
01/03/13 04:02 PM EST
TechConnect Innovation Tracker: Architectural Applications (a2), a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit, Honolulu, HI, 2012

Eliminating Barriers to Large-Scale Adoption of Micro Wind Energy
12/19/12 01:27 PM EST
Innovations in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics make micro wind turbines a practical and affordable means of on-site distributed power generation.

National Nanotechnology Signature Initiative Symposia to be hosted at the joint Nanotech 2013 and TechConnect World Conference in Washington
12/18/12 09:41 PM EST
Five Nanotechnology Signature Initiative symposia organized by multi-agency teams

Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research
12/17/12 04:39 PM EST
Department of Energy: Idaho Field Office Deadline: June 12, 2013

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) NIST Boulder Programs
12/17/12 04:37 PM EST
NIST Deadline: February 15, 2013

Plant Genome Research Program
12/17/12 04:35 PM EST
National Science Foundation Deadline: March 13, 2013

Next-Generation National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
12/17/12 04:33 PM EST
National Science Foundation Deadline: May 13, 2013