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Perkin Elmer Opens New Innovation Center
10/29/13 10:35 PM EST
State-of-the-art laboratory in based in Massachusetts.

A Grand Unified Theory of Exotic Superconductivity?
10/29/13 10:21 PM EST
Scientists introduce a general theoretical approach that describes all known forms of high-temperature superconductivity and their "intertwined" phases

BASF obtains exclusive rights to market magnetocaloric materials
10/29/13 10:12 PM EST
License agreement with Dutch universities under the auspices of Technology Foundation

Breakthrough in study of aluminum should yield new technological advances
10/29/13 10:04 PM EST
Researchers at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon have developed a platform to study and fully understand the aqueous chemistry of aluminum, one of the world’s most important metals.

Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program
10/29/13 12:19 PM EST
National Science Foundation Deadline: January 6, 2014

CISE Research Infrastructure: Mid-Scale Infrastructure - NSFCloud
10/29/13 12:17 PM EST
National Science Foundation Deadline: December 5, 2013

BROAD AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT (BAA), Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Department of Defense Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research
10/29/13 12:15 PM EST
Dept of the Army -- Materiel Command — Department of Defense Deadline: December 16, 2013

National Robotics Initiative
10/29/13 12:07 PM EST
National Science Foundation Deadline: January 21, 2014