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Oxide Nanosheets Trump Current State-of-the Art Capacitor Materials
03/24/14 01:47 PM EST
Researchers developed ultrathin high-performance capacitors using LEGO-like game of oxide nanosheets.

TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: Precise Sensor Nanomaterial
03/24/14 01:43 PM EST
Louisiana State University, TechConnect 2013 National Innovation Awardee, Washington, DC

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Saint Gobain
03/24/14 01:39 PM EST
Michael Mahoney, Manager, External Venturing, Saint-Gobain, tells TechConnect about Saint Gobain's technology and investment areas of interest.

Philips Establishes Africa Innovation Hub in Kenya
03/24/14 01:34 PM EST
Innovation hub to focus on new inventions and bringing them to market.

Congress Introduces America Competes Reauthorization Act of 2014
03/24/14 01:25 PM EST
Act includes funding support for various federal agencies, including the DOE Office of Science, NSF, and NIST.

Spanish Researcher Patents Biotechnology Product to Make Waterproof Paper Using Natural Enzymes
03/24/14 01:11 PM EST
Through biotechnological and environmentally friendly methods, it will allow the surface of paper products to be modified simply without interrupting the production process and will help save large amounts of chemicals.

India and Australia Join Forces to Increase Biotechnology Innovations
03/24/14 01:05 PM EST
Indo-Australian Biotechnology Fund (IABF) is jointly managed by the governments of both countries.

Digital 'nanoscale fingerprints' to make life even harder for forgers
03/24/14 12:53 PM EST
Researcher at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Institute for Basic Science using silver nano-wires to make counterfeit-proof fingerprints.