TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: Angular Slice True 3D Display (AS3D)

May 24, 2014 01:46 PM EST By: Sarah Wenning

Third Dimension Technologies, LLC, TechConnect World 2013 National & Global Innovation Awardee, Washington DC

TechConnect spoke with Dr. David Page, TDT’s Chief 3D Software Architect, Third Dimension Technologies, LLC (TDT).  Dr. Page presented TDT’s 3D display innovation at the 2013 TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

TDT has developed an innovative synthetic holography display based on the principles of holographic stereography. The display is a stunningly good 3D representation, with true look-around and no dead zones or visible artifacts as the observer moves around.

When asked about their TechConnect experience, Page responded, “We enjoyed demonstrating our prototype 3D holographic display technology to this diverse gathering of technologists, investors, government agencies, and business professionals.  There was tremendous interest in our display technology, which creates stunning multi-perspective 3D imagery (3D depth perception with motion parallax that allows one to see around objects in a scene) without the use of special glasses.  We had many interesting discussions about applications of the technology and received much useful feedback.  A number of connections were made that may lead to future business opportunities.” 

The world is filling up with 3D data—satellite, digital terrain, SAR, LIDAR, CAD/CAM, multi-view video, 3D buildings and medical/diagnostic data. Presentation of this data on 2D screens is fraught with problems—comprehension of this inherently 3D data is significantly slowed or difficult when viewed on a 2D screen as compared to viewing it in 3D. However, currently available 3D displays have visual artifacts, do not provide correct vergence/accommodation cues (focus and crossing-point are not the same) and/or lack motion parallax (change in scene as the observer moves) or other essential 3D visual cues, and often cause dizziness, nausea, headaches or other physical symptoms due to conflicting 3D cues. The AS3D display from TDT resolves all these problems and presents gorgeous 3D images in brilliant full-color and high-resolution. Potential markets include DOD simulation, medical imaging and diagnostics, architectural and engineering design, digital signage, and games and entertainment. TDT is presently concentrating on the DOD simulation and medical visualization markets.

Since May 2013 TDT has developed a new, lower cost version of the glasses-free 3D display technology than demonstrated at the TechConnect event. Page commented, “With this new approach we still generate all the visual cues required for comfortable, prolonged viewing - no eye-strain, headaches, or nausea common with other 3D technologies - of true 3D imagery, but at 20% of the cost of our previous implementation.  This new technology removes cost as a barrier to commercialization.”  The company plans to build cost-effective single user and large format multi-user 3D display solutions for many data visualization, simulation, medical, and entertainment applications.
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