Innovation Spotlight: Reagent-free nanobiomimetic electrochemical sensing and energy storage platform

December 10, 2012 03:23 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Santa Clara, CA, 2012

Advanced Biomimetic Sensors (ABS) is a pioneer in platform technology that has the potential to fundamentally transform the biosensor and medical device industries by monitoring and diagnosing diseases with improved sensitivity, reliability, portability and affordability. 

ABS utilizes innovative, reagent-free nanobiomimetic membranes to provide simple, reliable and fast monitoring of glucose, early stage breast cancers.  ABS is currently developing handheld glucose sensors for monitoring blood glucose in patients with diabetes.  In addition, ABS is developing screening devices for breast and brain cancers that have single-cell sensitivity, i.e., the sensor is capable of distinguishing a single cancer cell from normal cells.  These sensors have also shown selectivity among different types of cancer cells.  Each of these devices is in the prototype stage.

In addition to its biosensor technology, ABS has also created an electrolyte-free and air-independent energy storage platform technology that offers an order of magnitude higher power and energy density than conventional technologies.  These energy storage devices have drawn great interest among investors and are now in the prototype stage.

Dr. Ellen Chen, President and CTO of Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, tells TechConnect she credits her fortune of being able to successfully direct multiple R&D projects in the field of medical device and energy storage device to a unique community: the DOD’s Mentor-Protégé program with Raytheon, Army’s TRADOC training program, Bruker Nano’s team, Maryland Innovation Centers, Maryland BioCenter Internship program,  the Montgomery county summer youth program and Montgomery College’s Internship program as well as her dedicated employees and wise Board Advisors. 

Additionally, Dr. Chen notes, “The support and encouragement from TechConnect over the years has been great,” in fact,  “At TechConnect World in Silicon Valley, we received strong interest in our technology from both the medical and energy storage industries.”  Dr. Chen tells TechConnect News that since presenting at TechConnect World in Santa Clara in June of this year, her company has been invited to speak and present at the American Chemical Society (ACS) 244th annual meeting in Philadelphia, and at an international conference in Energy Storage and Harvesting in Washington, D.C.   

This year alone, the company has filed several patent applications, as well as has published five papers in highly respected journals. ABS is located in the Innovation Center of the Department of Montgomery County Economic Development.  ABS has received funding from various government grants and her patent of Nanopore Structured Electrochemical Sensors was issued last year. The company is currently seeking funding and development partners.

Dr. Chen is a former university chemistry professor, and worked at the FDA for 12 years as both a principal investigator and a project manager.  Dr. Chen is a former Authorized Scientific Representative at FDA in the area of in Vitro Diagnostic medical devices from 1997 to 2001.

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