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UC Berkeley develops first graphene-based headphones
03/22/13 10:01 AM EST
The graphene earphone is a groundbreaking development for sound technology.

LaFerrari: Powerful Yet Eco-Friendly, Believe It Or Not
03/22/13 09:52 AM EST
Latest and ultimate sportscar includes hybrid motor system and built with carbon fibers

EcoSynthetix and University of Waterloo Come Together to Study Bio-Based Materials
03/22/13 09:38 AM EST
Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology to work with EcoSynthetix on new biomaterials applications.

Mitsubishi Part of Group that Acquires Italian Solar Company
03/22/13 09:30 AM EST
Italy's Solar Holding SRL now owned by Mitsubishi, Innovation Network Corp., and Solar Ventures

Research Experiences for Undergraduates
03/22/13 08:53 AM EST
NSF Deadline: May 24, 2013

Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) in Engineering
03/22/13 08:51 AM EST
NSF Deadline: May 22, 2013

Advanced Technologies for Monitoring CO2 in Geologic Storage and Utilization Operations
03/22/13 08:48 AM EST
Energy Deadline: April 17, 2013

Special Research Grants Program - Pest Management Alternatives
03/22/13 08:46 AM EST
USDA Deadline: April 1, 2013