Venture Profile: NIL Technology ApS

NIL Technology (NILT) provides nano-lithography solutions to high-tech innovators. NILTs main focus is to supply stamps/templates for nanoimprint lithography (NIL) to all type of NIL tools.

Founder & CEO: T. Nielsen
Location: Denmark
Industry: Instrumentation
Venture is: A-Round

Through patented technology, NILT has secured key technologies for future volume production using NIL as well as technologies for cost effective patterning of high-resolution stamps. Through its access to state-of-the-art clean-room facilities and expertise of the NILT team, the company is capable of providing customers with solutions for creation and production of nano-scale structures for various innovative products. Since the launch of the company in 2006, Mr. Nielsen tells TechConnect that NILT has succeeded in establishing a customer base of more than 70 customers worldwide. Mr. Nielsen recently provided us with the following updates about his company.

NIL Technology has recently fabricated and delivered NIL masters to Philips for the development of an imprint process targeting Bit Patterned Media in the hard-disc industry. NIL Technology produced the NIL master with 30-35 nm features and Philips has successfully replicated these structures in an imprint process. "It has been a challenging and exciting task to support Philips development of a novel imprint process. The high quality of the NIL master we delivered enabled Philips to demonstrate a working imprint process which is ready for scaling. The demonstration clearly show that the imprint process is maturing and our masters and expertises can be used within a variety of end-user products,” said Theodor Nielsen, CEO of NIL Technology.


SEM image of Silicon master produced by NILT and used by Philips for development of Bit Patterned Media (BPM) imprint process

NIL Technology is looking for B-round investments from Venture Capital companies and/or corporate partners. “We are developing nanolithography solutions with focus on production of masters for the NIL process and NIL process development. We are today working with customers world wide in order to support their developments and production of components benefiting from nanostructures.”

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