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Organic Blue Light Emitting Compounds
10/04/17 10:20 AM EST
Novel chemical structures capable of emitting saturated blue light have been easily synthesized. These compounds have potential applications in organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices, and organic field effect transistors (OFETs).

A Scalable Personalized Thermal-Comfort Platform for Building Energy Conservation
10/04/17 10:19 AM EST
Buildings commonly choose conservative temperature setpoints. This leads to huge energy wastes. We develop scalable personalized thermal-comfort (SPET) platform that can quantitatively estimate thermal comfort of any occupants in daily operations. Consequently, our platform can provide building operators a proactive temperature setting mechanism that optimizes both thermal-comfort and energy conservation.

Solid State Li-ion Battery IP Bundle
10/04/17 10:19 AM EST
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Argonne National Lab, and Oak Ridge National Lab are joining forces to pilot a bundle licensing project for IP developed around the solid-state Li-ion batteries.

Highly Stretchable Electronic Tactile Sensors
10/04/17 10:18 AM EST
Translating sense of touch into electrical signals is difficult because the sensors are rigid and do not conform to the wearer. UCSB researchers have developed a "skin-like" electronic tactile sensor that can be stretched and tailored to achieve sensitivity, dynamic range, and other performance measures that are not currently available

Underwater adhesives, University of California, Santa Barbara
10/04/17 09:59 AM EST
Non-toxic adhesives working underwater including physiological environments

Energetic Materials for Sensitive Data Security, Idaho National Laboratory
10/04/17 09:56 AM EST
Tools to conclusively destroy data/circuitry when an electronic device is lost, stolen or becomes obsolete, to protect sensitive data and proprietary technology from unauthorized access. Use of energetic technologies would greatly enhance security of data/proprietary technology because an energetic reaction can be initiated by trigger or remote detonation.

PEM Fuel Cell Bundle (multi-lab IP bundle - LabBridge IP Bundling Program), National Renewable Energy Laboratory
10/04/17 09:49 AM EST
29 nine proton exchange membrane fuel cells technologies from five different National Labs are available to form bundles to collectively increase their value proposition for the potential licensees or collaborators. Technologies fall into 4 categories, (i) fuel cell electrocatalysts, (ii) membrane electrode assembly, (iii) fuel processor, and (iv) bipolar plates.

FTA-2017-005-TPM-PF FY 2017 Solicitation of Project Proposals for the Passenger Ferry Grant Program Department of Transportation DOT/Federal
10/04/17 08:43 AM EST
Deadline:Oct 23, 2017