Biological and Environmental Interactions of Nanoscale Materials, National Science Foundation

September 01, 2016 05:00 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

Deadline: October 20, 2016

The goal of theBiological and Environmental Interactions of Nanoscale Materials program is to support research to advance fundamental and quantitative understanding of the interactions of biological and environmental media with nanomaterials and nanosystems. Materials of interest include one- to three-dimensional nanostructures, heterogeneous nano-bio hybrid assemblies, and other nanoparticles. Such nanomaterials and systems frequently exhibit novel physical, chemical and biological behavior in living systems and environmental matrices as compared to the bulk scale. This program supports research that explores the interaction of nanomaterials in biological and environmental media. The duration of unsolicited awards is generally one to three years. The typical award size for the program is $100,000 per year. Proposals requesting a substantially higher amountthan this, without prior consultation with the Program Director, may be returned without review.

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