TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: Revolutionary Environmentally Friendly Super Strength Anti-Corrosion Coating Platform

April 24, 2014 08:21 PM EST By: Regina Ramazzini

AnCatt participated at the TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit 2013, Washington, DC

Innovation Spotlight:  Revolutionary Environmentally Friendly Super Strength Anti-Corrosion Coating Platform

AnCatt is a coating and nano material technology start-up in the mid-Atlantic coast near Philadelphia. The company, founded in 2008, has successfully developed the first ever heavy-metal free high performance anti-corrosion coating platform using its unique conducting polymer nano dispersion (CPND).  Extensive independent corrosion tests have shown this environmentally friendly next generation technology not only has successfully replaced current toxic heavy-metal anti-corrosion pigments such as chromate, lead, and zinc, surprisingly also has provided an unprecedented corrosion protection for all sorts of metals such as steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, silver, and titanium under severe corrosive environments - either in the air or submerged.  CPND coating material can be used in a wide range of industries including marine, oil/gas, aerospace, infrastructures, and transportation.

The company was showcased at last year’s National Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.  Ms. Sue Wang, Director of Business & Operations at AnCatt, spoke with TechConnect News about how the company’s technology is the solution to a very toxic and expensive chronic problem.  Ms. Wang told us, “AnCatt’s technology has stunned industry experts. It is the first heavy metal free (green) high performance anti-corrosion coating.  Independent corrosion tests with over 13,000 hours of salt fog test - both rusting and blistering - received the best possible score of 10, which is more than six times better than the current zinc rich coatings.  It is a total miracle.  The tape adhesion tests also received perfect scores of 5A for each replicate after 8,000 hours of salt fog exposure, which means there were no cracking, chipping, or powdering.  Corrosion affects nearly every industry, accounts 3-5% of a country’s GDP worldwide (trillions of dollar annually). The current New Jersey Verrazano Narrow Bridge repainting job started during summer 2013 was budgeted at $236 million.  Our technology could reduce the number of repaints needed, which will result in billions of dollars of direct savings.  Sources such as Paint Coating Industry Magazine (PCI) and NanoMarkets Report have indicated our technology as the first proven solution to defeat the No. 1 toxic enemy of the U.S. military – hexavalent chromium.”  She also informed us that, according to the Department of Defense (DOD), estimated corrosion in the U.S. military alone is $23 Billion a year.  Hexavalent chromium has also long plagued the aerospace industry, from space shuttle to commercial airliners.

KTA, an independent corrosion test lab in the U.S. has provided AnCatt’s corrosion tests and reports. A full corrosion test report is available on the AnCatt website:  AnCatt coating has also been proven to be outstanding with side-by-side field tests when compared with leading coating brands.  Corrosion has long been believed to be a unstoppable natural force.  AnCatt coating’s stunning performances will surely revolutionize the anti-corrosion coating markets, and dramatically extend the life of metal structures while reducing failures, accidents, waste, maintenances, and environmental contamination.  With highly toxic pigments being phased out by regulations, zinc pigments are ineffective in severe corrosive environments, cannot protect light metals such as aluminum, and are facing depletion after 2027.  AnCatt CPND is sure to be the future.  “The amazing anti-corrosion performance provided by CPND had already been jokingly referred to by industry experts as the ‘corrosion prohibitor’ instead of corrosion inhibitor”, said Ms. Wang, “Based on our proven platform, more exciting products are on the way”.

Conductive polymers are a group of plastics that could show metallic properties such as conduction of electricity.  The fact that conductive polymers can be used, as anti-corrosion pigment was first reported in 1981.  It has since been regarded as an exciting, environmentally friendly alternative to the notorious hexavalent chromium pigments, with desired features such as light-weight and self-healing.  Conductive polymer anti-corrosion researchers have engaged many leading companies, universities, and institutions worldwide. However, after hundreds of thousands of publications and patents, no acceptable corrosion and adhesion test results had been produced.  AnCatt’s breakthrough will open a brand new chapter for anti-corrosion coatings as well as for conductive polymer applications.  Since the 2000 Nobel Chemistry Winning, conductive polymers are very difficult to process.  AnCatt easy-to-process CPND technology should enable other conductive polymer applications beyond anti-corrosion pigment.

AnCatt uses coating materials from leading chemical companies for a traditional 2-3 layer coating structure, and will be manufactured and applied in the traditional way without additional equipment.

The company was awarded 1st place in the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry and Engineering Business Plan Competition.  The inventor of AnCatt’s technology is Dr. Jianguo Wang, a distinguished chemical engineer with decades of industrial experiences and two national award winning inventions that are still in production today.

AnCatt’s technology has been proven. The company is now looking for funding to take their invention to the next level, manufacturing. For further information about AnCatt, please visit: or contact Ms. Sue Wang at


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