Research in Quantum Computing

June 20, 2013 10:18 AM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

Army: Material Command Deadline: September 10, 2013

The U.S. Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Ground RTP Division, on behalf of the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), is issuing a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), W911NF-13-R-0010, for the establishment of Research in Quantum Computing. There are two separate research topics covered in this announcement: 1. Quantum characterization, verification, and validation The Quantum Characterization, Verification, and Validation (QCVV) research topic seeks proposals addressing the development of theoretical and experimental techniques, procedures, and methods for characterizing few-qubit systems with a focus on metrics relevant to robust fault-tolerant quantum computation (FTQC). The ultimate goal is to develop a set of standards and procedures, together with experimental demonstration, that will aid in characterizing increasingly complex quantum information systems. 2. Advanced quantum computing measurement technology Quantum information systems utilize measurement in a variety of ways: for diagnostic purposes while calibrating a quantum information system, to tune up a process for optimal operation, and for final read-out when implementing a quantum information process.

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