Innovation Spotlight: High Performance nanomaterial macrostructures for structural, thermal and electrical applications

December 10, 2012 03:18 PM EST By: Derek Mayer

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: Nanocomp Technologies, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Santa Clara, CA, 2012

Founded in 2004, Nanocomp Technologies is a New Hampshire-based manufacturer of high performance CNT based sheets, tapes, and yarns that the company believes is the highest performing, commercially available macro products comprised mostly or exclusively of millimeters-long CNT fibers. The company’s applications span multiple industries, including transportation (aviation, auto), energy (storage, transmission, generation and management), and consumer electronics.

Mr. Michael Gurau, Director of Nanocomp Technologies, tells TechConnect that he “met with several corporations at TechConnect World this year” and expects “to see demand for its high performance material exceed supply for the foreseeable future.”  The Company leverages its DoD qualification to access high performance industries (aviation, automotive, consumer electronics and advanced energy) for which the company’s strong, light and conductive products have multi-functional performance that they feel are best in class for its weight.

Nanocomp Technologies is a Department of Defense DPA Title III recipient, Nano 50 Startup New Hampshire Grand Prize Winner, NH High Tech Council Product of the Year, and Mass High Tech All Star Innovation Awardee. 

NanoComp Tech is looking for both funding and development partners, and is in the process of raising Series D funding; in its prior (Series C) round of financing, Dupont Ventures made a financial and strategic commitment.  Earlier this year, the company expanded into 30,000 sq ft of a 100,000 sq ft facility in Merrimack, NH.  It also has an 11,000 sq ft facility in Concord, NH. 

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